Water Treatment Centres

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Water treatment centers eliminate the need to purchase distilled bottled water in bulk. Our range of Aquaclave water treatment solutions allow you to produce your own deminearlized water in your dental practice at a low cost. This process saves time on transporting, storing and disposing of the plastic containers that are required when purchasing bottled water. 

The AquaClave RO P5 is a multistage system relying on a number of technologies to deliver water in autoclave sterilization equipment. The system provides for manual flushing of the membrane to ensure consistency in high water quality.

Careful attention to pretreatment of the water prior to entering the reverse osmosis membrane is provided. This critical process removes suspended solids, dissolved organic matter and chlorine.[/one_half]

Reverse Osmosis
The reverse osmosis membrane has been engineered scientifically to produce exceptionally high quality water. The AquaClave â is supplied with a Total Dissolved Solids meter to check that the treated water meets the required high quality.

A water polishing system is provided to remove residual organic and non-organic elements thereby generating water at less than 1ppm total dissolved solids at flow rate of 4 litres per minute.[/one_half]


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Note: This system is only suitable for use on disinfected potable water supplies from your local water authority. For areas where tank or other water is required please consult Aqualife. To achieve the water quality indicated above the system must be operated in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions. On site verification of the water quality is required.
* Water for steam generation in AS 2182-1998

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